DCP Production – Full Working Process

Posted on March 11, 2015

So just wanted to report back that CuteDCP for After Effects worked like a charm. I didn’t end up having any issues and color looked correct. Here was my process:

1. Edit in 23.976 fps

2. Export full quality image sequence

3. Import into 24fps composition within After Effects, interpreting at 24fps

4. Convert audio files from 23.976 fps to 24fps, which my awesome Supervising Sound Editor Josh Eckberg did in ProTools (I think)

5. Render via the CuteDCP output module in After Effects following their manual and using the 5.1 audio tracks directly rather than in the After Effects comp.

6. Wait ~2 days. I was using a late 2014 MacBook Pro i7 with 16GB ram and it still took this long.

7. QC’d the product with Final DCP Player. I got a two week trial because I didn’t want to spend the ~$1k for just this one project, but it worked flawlessly…really nice software. I might end up buying it.

8. Bought a Cru DX115 hard drive with the MoveDock external enclosure .

9. Prepared a Linux on a USB stick for my Mac

10. Booted my Mac from the Linux USB stick with the DCP on the root level of my hard drive (Macintosh HD/[DCP here]) and the Cru hard drive attached. This is important because the permissions with Linux are a bit of a pain in the ass when working with the Mac’s hard drive. I originally had the DCP folder on the Desktop and Linux wouldn’t allow me to look in that folder.

12. Copy the entire DCP folder to your Cru hard drive. You’ll have to find the Cru hard drive. I think for me it ended up in /media/ and then had a really strange directory name like “152638347362346” or something like that. Basically, you may need to search around to find it. But when you do, you’ll want to open up Terminal in Linux. Then type “sudo cp -f /pathToDCPFolder to /pathToRootLevelOfCruHardDrive”. You’ll want to make sure that the hard drive ends up with one folder that is your DCP folder so if you end up with multiple files than you might have to move those files into a folder that you create with a command like “mkdir /pathToRootLevelOfCruHardDrive/DCPFolderName”.

13. Change permissions on the DCP folder within the Cru hard drive with “chmod -R 755 /pathToRootLevelOfCruHardDrive/DCPFolderName”. I’m not sure this is needed but I think it might make it easier for the data people on the other end.

14. Unplug everything and mail off. It should be working.