Clew’s Team

Posted on February 9, 2015

Today I am at a mix session with Josh Eckberg, my great friend and Supervising Sound Editor. Josh has helped out immensely on Clew…really taking the movie to the next level with his expertise in all things audio. I’m so thankful to have had him on his project especially because I’m sure he’ll be moving on to other things as well as he’s writing, producing, and directing all the time.

It’s amazing the difference that having a great team makes on a project. I’ve been working on this movie for so long and I can honestly say, my favorite parts of the movie are the contributions of other people. Taylor Graham and Heather Weeks are so amazing! I just see new things every time I watch them. They were so smart about their choices and really brought a depth to the characters that is really profound to me.

Also, my crew did such a great job! My Directors of Photography, Ernesto Lomeli and Paul Atkins really made the film beautiful and managed to shoot everything with my very stringent timeline. Adam Flemming too, as Production Designer, killed it….I often forget about him as he is so hard-working and quiet, but as I watch the film, I always remember what an amazing talent he is.

Judie Tallman did the hair and makeup and, as always, told the story while making my actors look right. I’ve used her a ton before and she’s always fun and a total professional.

What a great team. I’ve definitely feel lucky to have worked with all of them.